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As You Engage In The Process Of Planning Your Wedding, There Is One Rule To Remember: THERE ARE NO RULES!

You and your intended have your favorite things as a couple, going back from before you were affianced. A sentimental song. The movie from your first date. Your go-to TV show to binge while relaxing together on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Of maybe your favorite thing is an activity. Biking? Hiking?

Jamie & Michael, pictured here, are foodies. So when we photographed the pair for their feature- "Jamie & Michael"- it was easy to incorporate the thing that makes them happy as a couple. Food! We fed them. And we specifically went for options that aren't exactly the standard for a wedding... things you wouldn't normally see on menu when you first sit down with your caterer.

By the way, if Jamie & Michael look familiar to you, that is because Jamie (Gray Hyder) is one of the stars of "Law & Order: SVU", and Michael (Trotter) is on the Disney+ series "The Right Stuff".

There are no rules for planning your wedding. After all, it is your wedding. You should enjoy yourself. Take a look at the excerpt above... do Jamie & Michael look happy? Of course they do! We gave them a box of mini doughnuts from Doughnuttery. Who wouldn't be happy?!

With happy in mind, we'll leave you with a little behind-the-scenes video someone caught on their iPhone...


This particular photo was also covered by "People Magazine"


photographed by: Aly Kuler

venue: Celebrations by Constellation at The New York Botanical Garden

tuxedo: Alton Lane | dress: BERTA for White House Bride headpiece: Bridal Styles Boutique | makeup & hair: BridalGal box of mini doughnuts: Doughnuttery | jewelry: LexiMazz Designs


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