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The Getaway Dress

You wore your dress for your walk down the aisle. Maybe you changed into another dress just shortly after the cocktail hour at your reception... something a little sexier, a little more risqué, perhaps? Now, the last hour of your wedding reception nears. Time for one more change. A dress that really says party. Or, after party.

It's time for... THE GETAWAY DRESS!!

pictured above:

....from our photo shoot for our 2022 Fall/Winter Edition cover feature: "Enchanted", with newlyweds Brylee Ivers + Brandon Armstrong from "Dancing With The Stars".


photo: Aly Kuler

tuxedo: Alton Lane

jewelry: Roman Jewelers

makeup & hair: BridalGal

BONUS: Click HERE for video by Shuttersound Pics from our photo shoot with Brylee + Brandon.


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