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A Wedding Cake Sculpted In Gold

Sorry, Shakespeare. All that glitters is gold. (Please pardon us while we gild the lily)

From the pages of the 2023 Spring/Summer Edition of "Sophisticated Weddings" Magazine...

Sloan and Stephen loved the idea of having a gold wedding cake to match their decor. Cake artist Deborah Lauren- owner of City Sweets & Confections- took it a step further with her signature embossed and gilded cake, which enabled the couple to have a sensational wedding cake that looked as if it were actually sculpted in gold.

The flavors under the five tiers of aurifeous fondant and single floral blossom were chocolate with vanilla mint creme, red velvet with chocolate truffle ganache, vanilla with chocolate hazelnut ganache, and Champagne with vanilla bean mascarpone.

Editorial Note: though the publishers of “Sophisticated Weddings” have sampled other cakes by City Sweets & Confections and know all too well her creations are every bit as delicious as they are gorgeous, we are of the opinion that this cake looks more like the symbol of a new [sugary] religion, rather than something that should be sliced and served.


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