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Let It Snow!

Photo: Sasithon Photography

Today’s looming snowstorm is forecast to blanket the New York tri-state area with the fluffy white stuff. It once again reminds us of all the things in life that are completely outside of our control. Having said that, if you plan a wedding in the winter, you have to accept the possibility of a blizzard on your wedding day!

When bride-to-be Stephanie and her fiancé, Matthew, began their wedding planning late April of 2015, they knew there was a bit of a weather-gamble in selecting a Saturday in January to say I do. But they didn’t consider that their most special date would be ushered in by New York City’s biggest snowstorm on record.

On January 23, 2016 Manhattan was bombed by 27.5 inches of snow- the biggest blizzard to hit the city since record-keeping began in 1869.

So what happened to Stephanie + Matthew’s wedding? Their officiant called the day before as the predictions for the storm were ominous. He offered to marry the couple a day early. And their venue- Battery Gardens in lower Manhattan’s Battery Park- called the morning of their wedding giving them the option to postpone.