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Let It Snow!

Updated: Jan 17

So... Mother Nature gave us the white carpet treatment! It once again reminds us of all the things in life that are completely outside of our control. Having said that, if you plan a wedding in the winter, you have to accept the possibility of a blizzard on your wedding day!

When bride-to-be Stephanie and her fiancé, Matthew, began their wedding planning late April of 2015, they knew there was a bit of a weather-gamble in selecting a Saturday in January to say I do. But they didn’t consider that their most special date would be ushered in by New York City’s biggest snowstorm on record.

On January 23, 2016 Manhattan was bombed by 27.5 inches of snow- the biggest blizzard to hit the city since record-keeping began in 1869.

So what happened to Stephanie + Matthew’s wedding? Their officiant called the day before as the predictions for the storm were ominous. He offered to marry the couple a day early. And their venue- Battery Gardens in lower Manhattan’s Battery Park- called the morning of their wedding giving them the option to postpone.

What did Stephanie + Matthew do? Well, that’s them in the photo at the top. What did the brave bride say to everyone who suggested postponing? We got this!

With their decision made, the pair then sent a text message to their 186 would-be guests that read: “Wedding still on! Please come if you can.

Some guests didn’t make it, of course. The number fell to around 100. Guests from the ‘burbs- Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey- couldn’t get into the city. But the guests that had already flown in from out of town were there.

So did their entire bridal party. All the groomsmen and bridesmaids were there to support Stephanie + Matthew… clad in warm coats and heavy snow boots. When they all walked into the venue the Chuppah was almost done, the centerpieces were in place, and the cake stood beautifully on display.

Five years later, looking back, how does the happily married Stephanie view the whole thing? “This was our wedding. It was more intimate than expected, and it made it even more special.


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