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Bridal Beauty

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

You've Chosen Your Venue, Dress, Accessories, Décor...
...Now Your Beauty Team Will Complete It All For You

As to mirror the timeless beauty of the bride, venue, bridal robe, and (of course!) gown, the BridalGal team sought to create and capture a soft, romantic, and classic look.

"[Prior to your wedding day,] your makeup artist will evaluate your skin so you may be prepped accordingly," BridalGal founder Lilly Rivera explains. "Together, you will select a color palette that complements and enhances your skin tone."

In the video (above), BridalGal used three different shades of waterproof foundation to create dimension, soft contours and highlights, and delicate lips. A smooth medium smokey eye with lashes lend a hint of glamor without appearing dark and overdone.


makeup & hair: Lilly Rivera, Clark Vincent, Susana Anesh Díaz for BridalGal

custom bridal robe: Lé Lauriér

additional photography (for magazine, social media): Never There Yet Photography

"bride": Mary Callahan


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