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Begin Your Wedding Anniversary Traditions At Your Wedding

As you plan the details for your wedding- big and small- it's not a bad idea to consider that some elements could become traditions when you celebrate your anniversaries year after year. For instance, if you get married at a hotel, you can go back that hotel on your anniversary.

pictured: the Champagne spread from our 2023 feature with Lindsey Morgan & Shaun Sipos, "Practice Makes Perfect"

custom suit: Sartoro | jewelry: William Barthman Jewelers | headpiece: Bridal Styles Boutique | hair & makeup: BridalGal

But it needn't necessarily be the big stuff. For instance, the wine and Champagne will be flowing at your wedding. Find your bottle. Find the wine or Champagne that you love... together. And then open a bottle of that same Champagne on your anniversary while looking at your wedding photos and video.

pictured: the cake spread from our 2019 feature with "Dancing With The Stars" pros

jewelry: William Barthman Jewelers | veil: Bridal Styles Boutique | hair & makeup: BridalGal

How about the cake? Forget about the cake topper. You can arrange for your cake artist to create a (fresh) scaled down replica of your actual wedding cake that you can share on your anniversary.


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