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10 Times A FATHER Of The BRIDE Photo Made Us Feel Something

Let's start with the photos that induced tears... or, at the very least, a lump in the throat. The first three photos elicited tears. We're not crying, they're crying! OK, maybe just a lump in the throat. Fine! We're crying!!

Next comes the photos that made us say: "aw!" Like this first photo, in which you can see how tight the FATHER-of-the-BRIDE and his daughter are holding on to each other.

...or the dad so overwhelmed at the first sight of his little girl in her wedding dress that all he could do was gaze upon her and kiss her hand. (By the way, the bride is "Sophisticated Weddings" Editor-in-Chief Samantha Sendor)

...and the bride leaving the house she grew up in for her wedding ceremony, clutching her pop's hand (as mom looked on from the front door).

This next one is just funny. It had us laughing. At first glance it looks like the FATHER-of-the-BRIDE dancing with his daughter at her wedding. Look again. Pictured here is a "dollar dance", also known as the "money dance" or "apron dance"; male guests pay to dance briefly with the bride. And while this male guest is getting his dollar's worth, notice the bride's father in the background collecting the dollars off the floor (to pay for the wedding?).

File these next two under we're not sure what we're seeing... but we love it. The first one shows the bride in the final moments of getting ready for her "first look" with her soon-to-be husband. Notice her dad sitting in the chair, his face in his hand. Is he overcome with the emotions of the moment and hiding his tears? Does he think it's bad luck for him to see the bride before she's ready? Or is he just thinking about what the wedding is costing him?

We love the nonchalant handshake between the FATHER-of-the-BRIDE and his daughter daughter's husband as they pass, just seconds after saying "I do".

And, finally, this photo brings a variety of reactions all at once. Tears, the big "aw!", a grin... that- as you view the photo- grows into a full smile. Quite simply, it's a daddy who can't bear to let go of his little girl.


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