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The Best Of Both Worlds

Due to the pandemic. We're going to be hearing that sentence a lot. "Due to the pandemic." We already have been. It's just the way it is. Today's news on Omicron and related topics is positive. Still, it can't be ignored that since the first part of 2020, many couples had to change their wedding plans. And now, finally, they are getting to have the celebrations they dreamed of.

Jessica & Adrian (pictured) were among the many that decided to postpone their big day. They still said their I do's. They just did it in a special, private way. And then, months later, had their big celebration. Adrian donned his black tuxedo, Jessica slipped into her Galia Lahav gown. And the pair kisses and hugged and shared their union with their loved ones at the magnificent Legacy Castle in New Jersey.

And in the end, the couple feels lucky to have had the best of both worlds.


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