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Couples Are Still Getting Married!

Contrary to some of things you may have read in a certain local New York newspaper, couples are still getting married. Fewer? Sure. Smaller weddings? Of course. That’s just socially responsible and- in some areas- all that’s allowed.

However, to bring back a hashtag from what seems so long ago- the beginning of the pandemic- #LoveIsNotCancelled!

Though weddings cannot necessarily have several hundred guests, they can still be beautiful. Whether an intimate, “cozy” wedding, or something a little larger that sees the couple surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones, all the elegance and inspiring imagination in its design, your wedding will be nonetheless enduring than if you had invited your entire block or graduating class.

Jennifer and Jeffrey (pictured) are a terrific example.

Enter wedding planner Pejy Kash. The New York based planner had worked with the bride’s family before. So when he heard from Jennifer’s mother that her daughter might be getting engaged, he immediately (and excitedly!) started exploring venues and envisioning the look and feel of the wedding.

Like so many other couples this year, Jennifer and Jeffrey originally planned for a wedding in New York City and began looking at venues, however: “Miss Corona had other things planned for us!” says Pejy, adding: “Thank goodness we had not made any commitment to any venues pre-Covid.

The conversation of “what to do next” started happening in June- just four months prior to the wedding and just as the New York area was cautiously passing the pandemic’s peak. Did the couple want to hit “pause” and celebrate their union on a more grand scale in the future? Jen and Jeff were anxious to begin their new life together. So they opted to celebrate! NOW!! Well…October.

Getting married this season meant Pejy and his bride and groom to be had to start over with their pursuit for their venue. They visited a few New Jersey venues and ultimately decided that, of every place they toured, The Estate At Florentine Gardens was the most visually appropriate site for them.

The team at the venue, Pejy, and Jennifer’s parents worked closely. Metro Floral Designs was meticulous in designing and constructing the chuppah under which the bride and groom clutched each other’s hands as they vowed their declarations of devotion. Mix Entertainment’s musicians serenaded the soundtrack for the day.

All that was left for the bride to do was look angelic and delicately dazzling in her Monique Lhuillier gown, with her smiling husband proudly standing beside her.

Jennifer and Jeffrey opted to not delay or (gasp!) cancel. They chose to have their magical moment of splendor. Had this awful pandemic not been an ever-present and most-prominent role in all our lives this year, Jennifer and Jeffrey may very well have said their I do’s surrounded 600 guests. Oh, well. They were still surrounded- by love.


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