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Updated: Jan 3

For her OHEKA CASTLE Wedding, this bride

brought a lot of style, energy and flare...

...and a fantastic dress by Ines Di Santo!

The OHEKA Castle bridal suite is one of the most gorgeous around. If a Disney princess came to life and was to be married, this suite is where she'd get ready, while sipping Mimosas with her bridesmaids. And then she'd happily and stylishly twirl, just as the bride in the photo above- Caroline- is doing in that gorgeous Ines Di Santo dress.

OHEKA Castle is one of the most magnificent locations in the world, with seemingly endless spots for incredible photos.

After driving through OHEKA Castle's main gate, the tree-lined driveway (seen above) up to the main house feels like something out of "Alice In Wonderland." In every photo, we see Caroline's style and sense of fun... and our groom enjoying his bride.

The photos show how taken Jonathan is with Caroline.

Another person who appreciates what Caroline brought to her wedding day? The woman who designed her dress- Ines Di Santo; “Caroline looks exquisite in her Bloom gown. I love the shot of the two of them outside and how beautiful the soft print is against the vivid colors. It is such an honor to be a part of this couples’ lovely wedding!

Within OHEKA Castle's magical setting, Caroline set the tone. This day was to be a celebration, full of love, fun, magic... and a lot of style!


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