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5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

1) You already have a job. Planning a wedding is a FULL TIME JOB! Do you already have a job? A burgeoning career? A new business that you recently launched? You probably do. It's nearly impossible to do two things at the same time and do both to the best of your ability. Don't overextend yourself- and compromise your most important day or your career.

2) The hair & makeup chair. Your wedding day is not a sprint. It's often an 11 hour marathon. From the time you cross the starting line until your last guest leaves, it's a long day. And that day usually begins with the bride sitting in the hair & makeup chair. Picture it: you're sitting in the chair, mimosa in hand, a bundle of nerves and excitement. In that moment do you really want any space in your pretty bridal head occupied with the worry about whether or not you remembered to take care of your special seating cards, or some other detail that is making your wedding unique?

3) You've never planned a wedding before. Odds are you've never planned a wedding before. Perhaps you helped out a friend, or organized a really swell anniversary party for your parents. But you've never planned a wedding. At the same time, your wedding planner probably worked on at least 50 weddings in the last couple of years alone! And because of all this experience, there are things they know that you don't. Not just general experience and knowledge, but likely even specific to your venue and its nuances (and possible pitfalls). When you hire a planner, you're not just hiring them for their advice and guidance, but also their knowledge, experience, contacts in the wedding industry, etc.

4) Sh*t happens! Hopefully your day will go smoothly. The sun will shine, it will be a comfortable 68°- even if your wedding is in February- no chance of rain or even a cloud in the sky, no traffic on Fifth Avenue or oil spills on the Jersey Turnpike, Uncle Harvey won't miss the exit on the LIE... everything will be picture perfect. But what if something goes wrong? What if there's some sort of emergency- big or small? A snagged veil, a cake fiasco, a pandemic... are you equipped to deal with it? Would you even want to? Again- it's your special (marathon of a) day ENJOY YOUR DAY! Your planner has the experience to handle all SNAFUs (see #3).

5) Your planner will save your money. Some planners' fees might be considered to be a little on the expensive side. However, if a planner can command a certain fee it is likely because they are worth it! This sort of falls under #3, but, your planner's experience and contacts will work to your benefit in saving you money. They know what is not necessary, wasteful, what things should cost, etc. More often than not, a good planner will save you an amount of money greater than their fee.


6) Because we said so. Sorry- you're just going to have to trust us. We've been doing this for a while. For all those brides (and their mothers) who wear planning their own wedding as a badge of honor, we suggest you rethink it. You don't get to walk down the aisle, spike your bouquet, get handed a trophy, and exclaim: "I'm going to Disneyland!" Get a planner. You'll end up enjoying your wedding and the process of putting it all together much more in the end.


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