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5 Ways To Pop The Question This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and being one of the most joyous and romantic days of the year, this could be your best moment to pop the big question. Still in need of an idea for how to make this the most special day of her life? Here are 5 Christmas proposal ideas to inspire the moment you've been waiting for:

1. Tuck the ring in a Christmas bauble decoration

Photo Credit: Etsy

Surprise your soon-to-be Mrs. with a sneaky Christmas tree ornament that also serves as a ring holder box. The best part: this ring box could be right under nose in the days leading up to the big day, and she'll be none the wiser! Save the best gift for last, when you invite her to look at this bauble a little more closely.

2. Fill your own advent calendar and have the ring waiting for day 25

A lovely Christmas tradition to hold for years to come, fill an advent calendar with little trinkets for the days leading up to Christmas. For days 1-24, you can include anything from chocolates to love notes - on day 25, the ring in the box will speak for itself!

3. Start your Christmas morning the hot cup of coffee that has a very important question to ask

Photo Credit: Etsy

Christmas or not, every great morning should begin with a hot cup of their favorite brew. Why not get the day started on the right foot with an inconspicuous mug that asks a very important question at the bottom? Guaranteed to be the best morning joe ever!

4. Propose with tickets to the main event

Photo Credit: Etsy

A pair of front row seat tickets to see their favorite band in concert makes a great Christmas gift. Tickets to stand main stage as they say "I do" beside the love of their life? Epic. Once they see what the tickets are for, they will be absolutely floored.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

5. And for those of you that don't celebrate Christmas...

Just because you don't celebrate Christmas doesn't mean this isn't an ideal occasion for a proposal. A tradition for many Jewish people is to go to the movies and order in Chinese food. Why not arrange for a romantic evening in with Chinese takeout, and a very special fortune cookie to pop the question? This is sure to be an occasion they will never forget!


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