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70's Era BOSTON At A NEW YORK Wedding

All the ingredients were in place to make the wedding celebration of Dani & Cory special. A gorgeous Broadway actress in a dazzling dress... check! A tall, handsome Naval Office in dress uniform, sword sheathed at this waist... check! Gorgeous autumn colors... check! Friends, family, love between and for the bride and groom... check, check, CHECK!

But Dani & Cory had a couple of extra special performances at their wedding that had half the guests' iPhones in the air, and the other half playing air guitar.

The first came when Dani's friend David Hull stepped to the microphone to sing to the bride and groom as they took to the dance floor for their first dance and husband and wife. David is an actor an singer and has appeared on the Broadway stage in shows like "Wicked", and "Book Of Mormon", and is probably best known for playing White Josh on TV's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".

Hull wasn't alone. He had some accompaniment (besides the great party band 45 Riots). Have a look at the photo above. On the left, playing the ukulele is Cory's big brother and best man- Scott. And in the middle, playing guitar, is Cori's father... who happens to be Gary Pihl- guitarist for legendary rock band Boston!

Later on during Dani & Cory's wedding reception, Scott and Gary rejoined 45 Riots, plugged in, and jammed on the class Boston song "Long Time" (video below).

Bride: Dani Spieler | Groom: Cory Pihl

Jewelry: Ti Adoro Jewelry | Tux: US Navy Uniform

Headpiece: Dareth Colburn Designs | Band: 45 Riots


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