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amazing views... a magic veil... and a couple in love.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Some of the best views of Manhattan are just outside of Manhattan! The Ravel Hotel in Long Island City sits at the banks of the East River, next to the 59th Street Bridge, opposite Midtown Manhattan.

Kelsie and Noah picked the stylish hotel as the backdrop for their summer wedding. And then they made the most of Ravel's views with their photos.

...beginning with the "first look." The adorable couple (and self-proclaimed "acapella nerds") decided to have the moment when Kelsie reveals herself (and her dress) to Noah on the hotel's rooftop terrace.

The Ravel Hotel's 10th floor terrace has the LIC side of New York's 59th Street Bridge so close, you feel as though you can touch it. Fun fact: 170,277 cars a day travel over the 59th Street Bridge. Some of them were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Kelsie and Noah as they passed.

From Ravel's terrace, you can also see the famous Silvercup Studios in the background. Fun fact: some television series currently shooting at Silvercup include: HBO's "Succession," "Jack Ryan" on Netflix, and TVland's "Younger" starring Sutton Foster. Ms. Foster did not attend Kelsie and Noah's wedding. She wasn't invited.

Downstairs, back on the gritty, textured streets of LIC, Kelsie and Noah continued with their pre-ceremony photos. Photographer Tatiana Valerie of ArtVesta Studio captured this image of Kelsie's magic veil (below).

Kelsie and Noah enjoyed a phenomenally lively, energetic wedding. Towards the end of the night, went back up to Ravel's rooftop terrace- where their day began- to once again take advantage of the views, this time, over on the other side, where the illuminated Manhattan provided a backdrop as dynamic as the newly married couple.

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