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The Dress Before The Dress

If you’ve spent any amount of time thinking about your wedding day, chances are you’ve also given thought to your photos. And this thought probably led you down an infinite worm hole of infinite wedding photos on Instathing, and other similar platforms and outlets.

In looking at all the photos you’ll notice that the roster of images photographed always includes the beaming bride before she gets into her dress. You’ll see her in her bridal suite, with her mother, her bridesmaids, drinking Champagne, gazing dreamingly at her wedding gown on the hangar. As a bride, you’ll be photographed in these kinds of images too, along with your mother and bridesmaids.

Enter 26 year old Brooklyn based designer Lauren Holovka. Having already logged time in the wedding industry and in some of the top [bridal] fashion houses, in 2017 Lauren launched Lé Lauriér- her own label and studio for designing and creating custom wedding dresses and gowns.

But first came the robes! Feeling the robes needed much more love and attention than they were getting, Lauren has been creating bridal robes longer than she’s been designing and creating dresses -- ever since she started coined the phrase: The Dress Before The Dress™.

Every robe is custom- nothing duplicated. The couture process begins with a visit to Lé Lauriér’s studio in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn and ends with the bride being photographed on her wedding day in a robe every bit as dreamy, and detailed as her dress, and entirely unique as the bride herself.

For more information on Lé Lauriér’s custom bridal robes and dresses, go to:


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