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Take A Moment

"We were able to take a moment and just be ourselves"

...from the 2022 "Sophisticated Weddings" feature: "CONGRATULATIONS!"...

(Bride) Namisha said: “this photo is special because the ceremony was over and all the guests were wandering around and weren’t paying attention to us. We were able to take a moment in the middle of all the chaos and all the people and just be ourselves - not concern ourselves with anything besides the fact that we had just gotten married.

Namisha had more than a few details that were special to her as she married Suhaas. She wore anklets from her great aunt, the bindi was her mom’s from her wedding, her great grandmother’s ring, and she had a necklace hidden underneath that was from Suhaas.

Of course, the details all came together to create the bigger picture; wedding planner Tirusha Dave of Bravura Brides adds: “After putting in two years towards planning this wedding, I was sad to see the weekend come to an end. But the memories and the friendships from this wedding will last a lifetime.


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