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EXCLUSIVE: Introducing The Latest Collection By PNINA TORNAI

This Week One Of The Bridal World's

Most Sought-After Designers Debuts Her

Latest Collection.

Get The First Look (below) At Some Of

The Dresses From The New Line.


Makhtesh Ramon: the largest erosion cirque in the world, shaped like a heart. Millions of years ago, this rocky desert was an ocean and the center of this depression in the ground was the peak of a mountain. As the ocean receded, rivers formed and softer rock slowly washed away, deepening the center of the makhtesh and creating the walls that surround it. Now, they stand 350 meters tall, overlooking a landscape unlike any other on earth—where layers of rock have been pulled back to reveal stone from 220 million years ago. Pnina chose to shoot her 2021 LOVE by Pnina Tornai collection at Makhtesh Ramon to emphasize that this beautiful world has been here forever and will forever be a home for all of mankind, and as a reminder that we should all respect our generous planet, and to respect one another. The heart shape of this unique crater says it all... all we need is LOVE.

The 2021 LOVE collection features 26 gowns with the classic Pnina Tornai silhouettes and corsetry, but with new fabrications and details, and is available exclusively at Kleinfeld in New York City.


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