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by Lilly Rivera of BRIDALGAL

At first, it wasn’t so bad. But with the extended lock down, I, as well as most of my clients, have neglected our skin. It started to look dull, dry, and very dehydrated. I turned to my kitchen and the local supermarket, got a few natural ingredients, and whipped up some great homemade natural mask remedies loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and skin-friendly ingredients. The perfect solution for anyone who needs an instant glow factor and has no clue where to even start or what to use.

For the bride-to-be, you may have had to postpone your wedding. This is a good time to start a skin-care regimen. A great substitute for now, until we can get back to the business of beauty, when we can safely start heading for our favorite beauty salons.

Here are a couple of recipes for an instant radiant glow, even skin tone, brightening, tightening and a more youthful appearance.

An essential must-do before any treatment is a nutrient-packed, double-duty skin exfoliator/polisher to remove dull dead skin cells, which allow nutrients to best penetrate for optimal results.

Gentle Exfoliating Hydrating Day or Overnight Mask

(Lasts 7 days in refrigerator, use every other day,as needed)


  • 1 very ripe banana (hydrating)

  • whole milk (exfoliates smooths, hydrates skin)

  • aloe vera gel (hydrating,smoothing, lightens dark spots)

  • honey (vitamins C, A, Moisturizing)



  2 tbspof mashed ripe banana puree (you can mash it or puree in a blender)

  1 tbspof milk

  1 tsp aloe vera gel

  1 tsp honey

Mix ingredients in a small container. Mix will be a bit watery.

Refrigerate for 1 hour.

 Daytime: Apply on cleansed skin, leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off, apply moisturizer.

 Overnight: Apply 1 hour prior to going to sleep. Let it sit on the skin, let dry

before going to bed.

 In the morning: Remove with cool water,apply your moisturizer.

Brightening, Softening, Even Skin Tone Mask

Lightens, brightens dark spots, plumps, softens lines, wrinkles

(Lasts 7 days in refrigerator, good for 3 applications approximately)


  • medium potato (lightening, tightening properties)

  • lemon juice(lightening)

  • honey (antibacterial, moisturizing, antioxidants, vitamins C, A)

  • plain (unsweetened) yogurt (vitamin A, lactic acid, hydrating)


  Wash the potato very well. Grate it, put into a strainer and squeeze the out the juice.

  1 tsp add lemon juice to the potato juice

  1 tsp add honey

  2 tbl add plain yogurt

Mix well. Store in a small sterile jar. This mix is good for 3 applications before it expires. Can be refrigerated and stored up to 7 days.


On well cleansed dry skin, apply 1 coat of mixture with a brush. Apply on face, neck, chest, under eyes. Leave on for 30 minutes. For even better results, apply a second layer of the mask with your hands and massage in circular upward motion all over face. This adds an extra exfoliating effect, while stimulating blood flow. Rinse with cold water. Apply moisturizer. Use for 2 weeks, 3 times a week for optimum results.

Lilly Rivera is a licensed esthetician since 2002.

Since founding BRIDALGAL in 2004, Lilly has been

the makeup artist for countless brides. BRIDALGAL

has also provided the makeup & hair styling teams for

many photo shoots for magazine features including:

House) with "Real Housewives" star Cynthia

Bailey, the "Sophisticated Weddings" 2020

Edition cover & feature ("Timeless") shot at

Pierre) with "Dancing With The Stars" newlyweds

Jenna Johnson & Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

For more creative, nourishing, natural alternatives

to get you on your way to better skin, follow

BRIDALGAL on Instagram; @BridalGal


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