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Kick Back With A Slice Of Wedding Cake

Hair & Makeup: Ambiance Salon | "Bride": Louisa Warwick

A Super Easy Solution For

Overnight Accommodations

Did you know your wedding day is going to be an 11 hour day? Sometimes more, if you have an after party, which many weddings do, or if guests linger, which many guests do. To put it in perspective, the average finishing time for a marathon is about five hours. It takes a runner less than half the time to jog 26.2 miles than it will for you to go from the hair & makeup chair to your honeymoon suite on your I DO! day.

Picture it: the day is done… you get to kick off your shoes and relax… maybe enjoy that slice of wedding cake that you didn’t get to have earlier. You’re done! The marathon is over. YOU’RE MARRIED! Mazel Tov! But what about your guests? Where will they kick off their shoes? Where will they indulge in that slice of wedding cake with which they left the venue?

Like most weddings, you’re likely going to have out-of-town guests, or guests that will prefer to stay in a hotel room nearby rather than make the drive to wherever home is. Typically, when you send out your save-the-date and then your wedding invitations, you give your guests options for overnight accommodations. And not just one hotel- you need to give several options in a few different price ranges to accommodate all budgets.

Now, before you go thinking: oh, no- yet another thing I have to take care of, we have a solution. And it’s a quick solution, at that; call (email) Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. Oh, sure- you can look around this site, or research all your options. Or you can simply let someone else handle it for you- someone who doesn’t need to do a search or research, because they’ve already done it.

Even better, because Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks not only knows these hotels and has relationships with them, they are going to be able to get you better rates on your room blocks. Best of all, this incredible service is not going to cost you- or your guests- a thing.

You can hide away in the bathtub of your bridal suite, shoes off, enjoying your wedding cake- not sharing it with your (new) husband- without a worry about where your guests will be eating their cake.


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