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Fashion in the Face of Quarantine: New York Bridal Fashion Week

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

What a time to be alive. Many of us are wondering how something we’ve never seen in our lifetimes could have crept upon us so quietly and with such force. The challenges and disruptions pressed upon our lives have become a daily test upon our wills and strength in a way that has shaken everything we’d once known to be, well, normal. My heart goes out to everyone affected; those impacted by this relentless virus, the bride whose wedding has been postponed, business owners and employees unsure of their next moves, essential workers getting out there to bravely serve at the frontlines, the parents running a homeschool from their dining room table, the children missing their friends, and their educators who work tirelessly to teach from a distance. Each and every one of us is a hero about now, for we are all mourning something, and doing whatever we can to survive.

The world of weddings is just one of many facets to feel the blow. What was meant to debut and celebrate the latest in bridal couture, like so many events and occasions as of late, this April’s New York Bridal Fashion Week had been cancelled. Runway shows and designer presentations were no longer set to beguile the admiring eyes of brides, buyers, and fashion media. Necessary measures to maintain social distance have been made imminent for the greater good of us all. While the loss of Bridal Market has been far from the worst we’ve seen and continue to endure in the face of this pandemic, we also recognize the value of holding hope. At Sophisticated Weddings, we’ve always been one for good vibes. Getting married is, a