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A Honeymoon Destination For Every Type Of Couple

We've Cultivated A List Of Some Of The Most Incredible Destinations In The World- Some Of Which Have Been Covered In Sophisticated Weddings' Wanderlust Section-

To Give All Kinds Of Couples Possible Ideas For Their Honeymoon Plans

The Old World Romantics - The Orient Express

True romantics at heart cannot deny the allure aboard The Orient Express. With several routes to choose from, the journey itself becomes the ultimate honeymoon destination. Find yourselves swept away by an indulgence once exclusive to the royalty of travel’s golden age, where champagne is free-flowing as you stare off into the scenic horizon from the train’s handcrafted interior.

Within the Grand Suites of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, private living quarters are as luxurious as one can imagine. Spacious marble en-suites, plush lounging areas, and 24-hour butler service are just a few of the many standouts. Passengers may step into the legendary carriages for world-class cuisine and fine wines, or simply absorb the spectacular scenery from the windows with private in-cabin dining.

Explore the sites of Europe, and jet between cities in a most lush fashion; honeymooners may catch the train for as little as one night, or elongate the passage into weeks, if desired. Whether you voyage from London to Venice or Paris to Prague, a honeymoon aboard the Orient Express is the elegant affair that is certain to rise to the occasion.

The Planners & Dreamers - Stellenbosch & Franschhoek, South Africa

As you look ahead at your bright future together, the idea of retirement may be a long way’s off, but we promise, once you visit the exquisite wine country in South Africa, you’ll know just where the end goal is. Between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek lie a seemingly endless terrain of rolling hills among the vineyards. Exquisite wines, delectable cuisine, and peaceful terrain encapsulates the experience.

Home to the finest wines in all of South Africa, Stellenbosch is the sets the scene that Bob Ross paintings are made of. Against the sweeping panorama of the Cape Winelands rests the celebrated Delaire-Graff Estate, an extraordinary retreat to experience hospitality, cuisine, and of course, wine, at its finest. Surrounded by art and scenery, accommodations do not come at greater luxury than this. A meal at Indochine will challenge every other dining experience to be had, and vino will carry new meaning. Couples will fully unwind at the estate’s lavish spa, and while there is so much to explore on the grounds themselves, travelers will find themselves perfectly content to do nothing at all but stare off at the landscape, hand in hand.

Along the Western Cape Province in Franschhoek, a once sleepy town in the country sweeps the landscape with its quaint townie village shops and notably acclaimed restaurants. Known by many in South Africa as its food and wine capital, the village is filled with luxurious bed and breakfasts and cottages. An ethereal abode of peace laid at the heart of its village, La Clé Des Montagnes delivers a sense of tranquility in its French-accented manor, occupied by several lodges and villas that are spread across its working forms, vineyard, orchards, and lavender-flecked gardens.

The Time Travelers - Havana, Cuba

Once upon a time, Cuba was a hands-off destination for American travelers, but it comes as happy news that this is no longer the case. More than just the home of the world’s most famous hand-rolled cigars, Havana delivers an experience that sets itself apart from anywhere else in the world.

Stepping into Old Havana will come as though you’ve stepped back decades in time. Vibrant colored convertibles line the streets, where there is not one modern automobile in sight. The city is is a cultural experience that begs to be embraced; with art, cuisine, spirits, dancing and more, there is no end to what there is to do. The perfect place to unplug from the rest of the world, Havana’s nightlife is both innocent and innovative, with an uncommonly safe atmosphere for foreigners, and inspiration to be discovered at every turn. Not to be missed is the expansive Fabrica de Arte Cubano (aka Cuban Art Factory), where the hippest locals go to experience fine dining, cutting edge cinema, imaginative art, scrumptious cocktails, live music across many genres, and a taste of the Havana spirit.

Although the journey is a fairly seamless one, you won’t want to visit Havana without the niche services of Cultural Cuba, a full-service destination management company that caters to luxury travel to Cuba. This stateside and on-the-ground team of specialists will take care of all the particulars to make your stay legal, enjoyable, and deliver unforgettable VIP experiences that take the guesswork out of the planning side.

The Chill Travelers - Paradise Island, Bahamas (Atlantis)

After months (or in some cases years) of wedding planning, sometimes all you’d really like to do is to lay back in the balmy breeze of the Caribbean isles. To do it right, Atlantis Paradise Island has your sandy back. This is the destination that will deliver just what you need to take a breather, but to keep things interesting, Atlantis has everything you could ever dream of in a sunny getaway.

Honeymooners will love taking a deep dive into the luxuries that await at The Cove, a sensorial retreat nestled between two private Bahamian beaches. With floor-to-ceiling ocean views from its luxurious suites, just outside 20 private cabanas, outdoor dining, and gaming awaits. Indulge in authentic local cuisine and experiences at a moment’s notice, and the famous Atlantis water park, Aquaventure, keeps fun within reach. With its onsite casino, oceanfront gold, 11 different swimming pools, marine life experiences, and sprawling beauty, there’s never a loss for what to do here. At Atlantis, you can make the excursion as low-key or adventurous as you wish, without ever needing to leave the property.

The Exotic Duo with Diverse Interests - Thailand

You may be a match made in heaven, but it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that taste in a vacay is what sets you apart. Where divergent fancies come together in a perfect blend, look no further east than the cultural and beachy splendors of Thailand.

If you’re the beach-goer type, the southern districts of Thailand may be your ideal source. Between Phuket and Hua Hin, you’ll discover winding seascapes with impossibly crystal clear waters. Spend the day in a hammock or rent a moped for the day, your buck will go far, but you won’t be at a loss for luxury. The south eastern hospitality of Akaryn Hotel Group is extraordinary, spanning across the country to meet every desire. At Aleenta, uncover the secrets of how the royals summer along the beaches of Hua Hin, or look on at a festive bonfire from your sumptuous beachside meal in Phuket, and you’ll embrace fun in the sun like never before.

For an infusion of cultural experiences, don’t miss a stop in the north country’s Chiang-Mai, where the climate is a little cooler than the balmy south, and historical temples line the streets. You’ll want to visit the famous Thai night markets, and get there on a tuk tuk, of course. If you love a little heat in your cuisine, northern Thai food carries a little extra spice to kick things up in a way that you just can’t get from NYC takeout. Loads of conservation societies offer experiences to meet elephants and other exotic wildlife in an ethically responsible fashion, where you can feel good about making a positive contribution to the local habitat and community. There is no end to what there is to do in Thailand, and one thing is for certain – this country is a destination to meet the interests of every part of the pair.

The (Ultimate) Adventurers - Antarctica

Short of taking a honeymoon to Mars, there’s nothing like a trip that says off the beaten path quite like a voyage to Antarctica does. If setting foot on the coldest, most pristine location on the earth sounds like the honeymoon of your dreams, look no further.

To get to Antarctica, you’ll need to go through South America first. With the southern tip of Argentina as the most common port before entry to Antarctica, the journey to Ushuaia can be a highlight in itself. Take a few days to discover Buenos Aires, or take a detour through Chile’s Patagonia. Whichever route you choose, you’ll encompass unthinkable beauty. From there, you’ll board a ship you will call home for at least seven to ten days, and brace yourselves for the notorious Drake Passage, known for its tumultuous waters that make for an interesting journey. What awaits on the other side will make it all worth it; imagine the opportunity to stand amongst thousands of penguins in their natural habitat, or sitting peacefully mere inches from a massive whale. In Antarctica - anything is made possible.

To make the most of the journey, you’ll want to make sure you’re with a knowledgeable, experienced, eco-conscious crew onboard the vessel. Fortunately, Polar Latitudes is that crew, and moreover, the vessel has state of the art accommodations that will give you space envy for your crib back home. Among an intimate crowd, your breath will be taken away as you witness the edge of the earth in its purest form - and together, you’ll never find encounters that will occupy your sweetest dreams for the rest of time.

For more information about these incredible locales, or other places you might like to consider for your honeymoon or destination wedding, please visit the Wanderlust section of


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