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Get Inspiration For Your Cake From Your DRESS!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Most brides can't wait to start the hunt for their wedding dress. Some are so eager to say yes, they begin their search before they even have a wedding date. Some begin before they have a fiancé... but that's another piece.

Now you've found your dress. You said yes because you loved the dress, how you look in it, and seeing yourself in the bridal salon mirror wearing it made your engagement and coming wedding a little more real. But there are probably some other things you love about your dress - some details, the perfect color shade - something specific appealed to you.

Here's a suggestion: zero in on that specific detail, take a really great photo of it with your iPhone, and use it as inspiration for other elements of your wedding. Your invitations, your flowers, your lighting textures- your dress can be the foundation for building your dream wedding. Especially the cake.

We took our own advice. Our 2021 Edition's cover was photographed at New Jersey's fabulous new boutique hotel, The Château Grande Hotel. Our "bride & groom" was Daniella Karagach + Pasha Pashkov of ABC's popular, long-running series "Dancing With The Stars".

We had our location. We had our couple. Next came the dress- a stunning Pnina Tornai from her newest collection, provided by Kleinfeld. We wanted a cake in the photo. For this, we sought out up-and-coming cake artist Vincenzo Salvatore, owner of Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes. With total confidence in this brilliant young artist's abilities, we merely showed him a photo of the dress, and then allowed his inspiration to guide him.

Have a look at these behind-the-scenes photos from the cover shoot (below). If you look at the details within the dress, and the close-up of the cake, you'll see Vincenzo did an amazing job of creating a wedding cake to complement the dress. By the way, everything about that cake was sculpted out of sugar. The flowers, the branches, the design on the tiers- all sugar.

with more dancing, more dresses, more tuxedos, and MORE CAKE in the

2021 Edition of "Sophisticated Weddings", due out... SOON!


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