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BEHIND-THE-SCENES Of Our Photo Shoot With "REAL HOUSEWIVES Of NEW JERSEY" Star Danielle Cabral

Have a look at the photo above. It is from a photo shoot for the 2023 Edition "Sophisticated Weddings", which will release in mid-March. The shoot was at Liberty House- a wonderful Jersey City venue in Liberty Park, on the banks of the Hudson River facing lower Manhattan. We were photographing one of the new stars of Bravo's tremendously popular series "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey", Danielle Cabral, and her husband (and tall, handsome accessory), Nate.

In that behind-the-scenes glimpse from Danielle's shoot, you will see six people other than the couple. There were another four or five people on set, not scene in the image. All you brides-to-be out there may be thinking something along the lines of: Danielle's on "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey"... of course there are going to be a lot of people present to photograph her.

The truth is, when you and your husband (to be) are being photographed on your wedding day, you're going have the same number of people. You'll have your photographer. He will have a lighting assistant- the guy holding that umbrella light in the photo [above]. If you're having a big wedding with 160 guests or more, the photographer will likely have a second shooter.

You'll also have your video guy (we prefer to call ours- Shuttersound Pictures- a cinematographer). You will have your makeup and hair stylists, maybe a dresser- someone to help you with all the buttons and poof on your dress. And you may very well have the passersby who pull out their iPhones (on a side note, many wedding photographers are of the belief that the iPhone was invented purely to slow them down and irritate them). Even if you are getting married in a very private venue, you photographer is still probably going to take you outside to get some photos. And people love a bride and will always feel compelled to take their own photos.

So, as you enjoy this behind-the-scenes peek at our shoot with one of the "Real Housewives", you may want to imagine you and your fiancé in that scene. And with that in mind, also stay tuned for Danielle's feature in the 2023 Edition- she will have some advice for you all.


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