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An Intimate Wedding Ceremony On A Pierre Hotel Terrace

Sophisticated Weddings Editor-in-Chief Samantha Sendor: One day, long before my engagement to my husband Steve, our magazine’s Publisher, we were eating at our favorite brunch locale: [the now gone Upper East Side restaurant] Park Avenue Autumn. Feasting on the pastry basket before us, and taking in the room’s revolving seasonal décor, we pondered what our wedding might look like someday. We had envisioned something elegant, beautiful, intimate, and tasteful. From the atmosphere to the cuisine, we knew Park Avenue Autumn possessed all of these elements. So when Steve and I became engaged to be married in March 2013, we knew just where to go.

Being the publishers of a wedding magazine, you might draw the natural conclusion that planning a wedding of our own would be a simple task. You would be partially correct. We have devoted our lives to knowing the ins-and-outs of New York weddings. We are practically walking encyclopedias for all things bridal in this bustling city. With that wealth of knowledge however, comes an unexpected challenge; with so much talent and beauty in this industry, how on earth does one decide between vendors, locations, and details? Let me tell you, it was not easy. We found ourselves in the perfect predicament- we had too much good to choose from. Ultimately, we could not lose, and what resulted was a wedding that was exactly what we had envisioned, wholly true to our collective taste and outlook on our future together.

When a wedding industry professional gets married, their wedding usually falls into one of two categories. It is either a tremendous occasion, filled with every magnificent detail imaginable, laid out before 400 guests, or on the other end of the spectrum, it is very low-key and bijou. We opted for the latter, which entailed a beautiful and intimate dinner reception with our closest friends and family, and an even smaller ceremony on the terrace of the Charles Pierre Suite at The Pierre Hotel (pictured). It was a beautiful occasion, as we stood among our loved ones, and declared our adoration and devotion to one another. The moment where we transitioned into husband and wife was one so consumed by love and lineage, it was truly the most magical day of our lives.

The details of our ceremony, from my Jenny Packham dress from Mark Ingram Atelier, to the live violinist of 45 Riots, to the wild and earthy floral arrangements by Rountree Flowers, to the butler-served lemonade with candy fruit slice garnishes, was exactly what we had in mind all along- all of it meticulously overseen by wedding planner extraordinaire, José Rolón.

Afterward we went on to meet the majority of our guests at our dinner reception. A wedding is a magical occasion, not just between two people, or even between families, but for everyone involved. I can say first-hand, as someone whose day-to-day life revolves around weddings, that our industry is made up of people who genuinely love what they do, and are cheerleaders for love. Whether a florist, planner, pastry chef, as a bride, you are surrounded by experts that want the very best for your wedding day. Although I am no longer a bride myself, I feel so fortunate to immerse myself in the magic of this occasion on a daily basis.

*The above is an excerpt from the 2014 Sophisticated Weddings article: “The Publishers’ Wedding”. Samantha and Steven Sendor married at New York’s Pierre Hotel on September 7, 2013.


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