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3 Things to Look for When Buying an Engagement Ring

Updated: Feb 21

assorted engagement rings from two by london

Whether you’re getting ready to surprise your significant other with an engagement ring, or selecting one out together, there’s no doubt about it: this is a major purchasing decision, and you want to do it right. With so many facets to consider, the task can seem rather daunting, but with a few key notes of guidance, you can feel confident in the ring you choose. 

“If you're wondering what to look for in a diamond, the best place to begin is by understanding the 4 C's: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Measuring the 4 Cs is a universal scale to describe and determine the quality of diamonds,” says the experts at London Jewelers.

Here’s what to you need to know when you’re shopping for that forever ring:

1. Get to Know the 4 Cs

When it comes to diamonds, the four Cs will tell you everything you need to know about the centerpiece of your ring: 

Diamond Cut

diamond cut guide

Diamond cut is often mistaken for a diamond’s shape, but this matter has nothing to do with round, heart, or pear shaped diamonds! What is actually meant by diamond cut is how well the stone’s facets interact with light. There’s a great deal of artistry that goes into crafting a diamond that captures a high grade of brightness, fire, and scintillation. When selecting a stone, it’s important to purchase from a trusted source that reflects that sparkle in her eyes, and holds its value. The TWO by London Collection at London Jewelers has long been the source of magnificent diamonds, so you can be sure that whatever stone you choose, it meets or exceeds a high standard.

Diamond Color

diamond color guide

Diamonds are graded on a D-to-Z color scale, and what you’ll actually be looking for is an absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, and as such, a higher value. With TWO by London’s wide selection of high grade diamonds, you can be sure that you’ll secure the best quality colorless diamond that your budget can afford.

Diamond Clarity

diamond clarity guide

When it comes to clarity, think of inclusions as stone blemishes. We get natural diamonds from exposing carbon to tremendous heat and pressure deep in the earth. This process can result in diamond characteristics known as inclusions or “blemishes”. While some slight inclusions are by no means problematic, you’ll want to keep these at a minimum. All TWO by London diamonds come with transparency and grading, so you can make an informed decision whether you’re a skilled grader with a 10x magnifying glass, or absolutely clueless about diamonds.

Diamond Carat

diamond carat size guide

Perhaps the most commonly understood element of the 4 Cs lies in the carat weight. Carat weight measures a diamond’s size by weight. The larger the carat weight, the larger the diamond. You might notice that diamonds of larger weight hold exponentially more value than smaller ones, and this is because they are rarer and often more desirable. Pro tip: don’t let this overshadow the other three Cs! A trusted expert will be able to guide you through all the facets, ensuring you get the highest quality stone for the person you love.

2. Choose the Engagement Ring That Speaks to Your Heart

engagement rings from two by london

Now that we’ve gotten the four Cs out of the way, now it’s time to choose the style you’re after. Whether your taste is more classically inclined or contemporary forward, the TWO by London Bridal Collection at London Jewelers has styles and mounts to satisfy a wide range of budgets and tastes.

Some of our favorites? The TWO By London 18K Yellow Gold Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring that speaks art deco vibes with tasteful elegance, and you can never go wrong with a TWO By London Round Solitaire Six Prong Ring which is classically timeless.

3. Go With a Trusted Name That Will Become Your Lifetime Jeweler

two by london manhattan boutique

As a couple beginning the next chapter of your lives together, you’ll want a go-to jeweler you can trust, not just for this purchase but for all the ones in the years ahead. When you purchase a TWO by London Collection engagement ring at London Jewelers, you not only receive peace of mind and confidence in your decision, you’ll also receive exclusive benefits as one of their “Very Important Couples”: 

  • 20% off wedding bands

  • Free first ring sizing

  • Free year of ring checkups

  • Wedding Day Jewelry Loan Program access

  • Professional jewelry cleaning

  • Lifetime upgrades

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process! With a trusted jeweler to guide you in this journey, you’re destined to make a lifetime of memories, one stone at a time.


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