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3 Suite Retreats

Looking For A Quick Getaway For A Night Or Two? We've Got Three Great Suggestions.

The newest of three we're looking at today, this boutique hotel in New Jersey is just 45 minutes away from midtown Manhattan, and bursting with Miami style. The Château Grande has some fantastic suites and all the accommodations you could ask for, including world class dining- indoor and outdoor- courtesy of celebrity Chef David Burke's lobby level Orchard Park Restaurant.

One of New York's most legendary spots, this 5th Avenue hotel oozes classic, metropolitan elegance. The Pierre has a variety of suites in different styles- two with tranquil terraces. For some very adult dining and drinks, check out the hotel's Two E Lounge.

The jewel of Long Island's Gold Coast, OHEKA CASTLE boasts some luxurious suites and rooms. Just 50 minutes outside of Manhattan, this Gastby-esque locale is the ultimate in decadence. Whether in the room, a stroll on the grounds, or enjoying a romantic meal in the hotel's restaurant, OHK, you are assured a memorable getaway.


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