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Coolest Way To See The City!

The Most Exciting Way To View New York:

2,000 Feet Above It... With Your Feet Dangling!

Looking for a fun activity? Perhaps a memorable experience (that can be made even more memorable by adding a proposal)? How about 35 minutes of pure excitement? Central Park. Billionaires' Row. The Empire State Building. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Freedom Tower at The World Trade Center. The Statue Of Liberty. Endless selfie opportunities.

FlyNYON offers a doors-open helicopter tour of the most magnificent city in the world. The helicopter departs from Kearny, NJ- just 35 minutes outside of Manhattan. Just minutes after it lifts off the ground, you find yourself hovering over the Hudson River, soaring towards the Upper West Side.

As the helicopter comes to a point over Central Park, you'll hear your pilot let you know you can put your feet out. That means it's time to twist in your seat and dangle your feet over our metropolis from 2,000 feet above. Shoes that don't slip off easily are a good idea. A must, actually.

The pilot will turn the helicopter at each stop, making sure everyone gets the best views and photo opportunities, as the blades flutter above. He'll also narrate a bit over the course of the tour.

After Central Park, the flight will head south over the city's east side, passing the United Nations as it comes to midtown to get to a sensational vantage point of the Empire State Building.

From there, you'll continue south, streaming through the air towards lower Manhattan, passing the Brooklyn Bridge on the way.

At this point in the flight, the pilot has the opportunity to change the helicopter's elevation, taking you as low as 500 feet at certain points, and giving plenty more chances to snap selfies of your shoes over the skyscrapers.

The last leg of the airborne tour before heading back to Jersey is over New York Harbor for a very up-close and breathtaking look at Lady Liberty.

FlyNYON gives safety instructions at the beginning of the flight. They also have holders for passengers' cell phones, with a strap that goes around the neck, enabling excellent photos without fear of dropping a phone. Cameras are encouraged too. FlyNYON also offers camera rentals with some advice and instruction for the best photos.

For more information on FlyNYON's various helicopter tours, packages, and schedules, please click here, or go to:

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