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The Planner's Wedding

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Photos by Brett Matthews Photography

"The entire event was unique, personal, and perfectly tailored to who Ryan and I are and what we are all about,” Ariel reflects about her European-style wedding weekend right at home in Westchester County. An event planner by day, Ariel is a partner with her mother, Monique Banks of Party By Monique, adding an uncommonly personal touch to the joyous affair. Not a single detail was overlooked as the mother-daughter team sought to create an unforgettable occasion for their guests. “We’re big foodies, so the food we served and when we served it, were critical elements of the experience we wanted to create.” The three-course tasting menu extended a divine culinary experience that was masterful but not overwhelming. Having both the client and professional planner perspectives for this distinctive event, the wedding was both symbolic and flawless by virtue of the dynamic duo.

Although Ariel and Monique exclusively planned the celebration, there were still elements of unexpected awe to be discovered by the bride, thanks to one romantically inclined groom. “Ryan surprised me with our favorite live rendition of our song, “Die a Happy Man,” performed by Barret Baber from “The Voice.” This was our first dance and I can tell you it was one to remember! While it was a surprise for me, it was a moment that all of the guests wholly enjoyed, and it sublimely reinforced our love for music and each other,” Ariel boasted.

A special musical performance wasn’t the only surprise infused into the wedding; each and every guest was floored when they took home a dessert display that included everything from Oreo blondies to coffee cake to Nutella hand pies from an iconic New York bakery. Another inspired gesture designed to close the evening with felicity? Guests parted ways with their very own bouquet of flowers, capturing the aureate essence of the festivities that had transpired. “We loved seeing the ‘morning after’ posts of our guests in their pajamas feasting on sweet treats and enjoying fresh flowers from the prior evening in full bloom.”

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