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Vibes As Decor

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

October 14, 2022 at Capitale. The New York Bridal Fashion Week closing event and runway show of the latest couture collection by Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld, presented by Sophisticated Weddings. Over 450 guests.

We knew this event was going to be both important and high profile. We also knew from having produced big events before- like our 2019 Release Party at Capitale, or our 2018 Release Party at Ziegfeld Ballroom, or our 2020 Release Party at Gotham Hall- when it comes to designing the decor for a big venue with a high ceiling, the guiding principle is think vertically.

The event's decor by House Of Dipali included a stunning 25' installation of a full, white tree in the center of the venue's front room- the first thing guests saw when they arrived. Royal Backdrops created a dramatic 50' backdrop for the fashion show. Even the custom cake by Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes for the finale of the runway show was 6' tall, atop a standard 3' table. And, of course, Capitale's lighting team designed vibrant event lighting ideal for a happening such as this one.

But there was one other thing- one special element during the runway presentation that filled the space between the tops of the guests' heads and the venue's beautiful stained glass ceiling 65' feet above. Vibe.

photo: Bret Joseph

Cue Soulsystem Orchestras. After guests were seated for the start of the show, Soulsystem's special ensemble of ten female stringed musicians performed a classical piece- some auditory elegance to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Then- in the instant before the first model stepped out onto the runway, the band kicked in.

Soulsystem Orchestras brimmed the venue's ether with their own unique vibe. Guests didn't just hear the music- they felt it. It was too powerful not to. Tapping feet led to bouncing knees. After the finale- when the fashion show and cake-cutting were completed, Capitale's team removed all the chairs like a military operation, revealing New Image's dance floor, which remained filled with dancing partiers for the rest of the evening.

The lesson? When planning your party, don't simply consider what your guests are going to see. The vibe that will be created will also come from what they hear and feel. And it will be a part of your event's decor. Just like Soulsystem was that night at Capitale.

runway & backdrop: Royal Backdrops

dance floor: New Image Dance Floor

custom 6’ cake: Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes

video & livestream: Shuttersound Pictures

cookie lounge: Blow Your Mind Bakery

coffee bar: Cupa Cabana

photo booth: Shake And Share Media

furniture & bars: Glam Party Rentals

glasses: Fortessa

beauty: Beautini

VIP Pre-Party: The Wall Street Hotel

transportation: M&V Limo


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