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Seeing the World through the Eyes of Aman

Updated: Jan 17

It is one thing to be an enthusiastic traveler. The kind is always anticipating their next trailblazing adventure. Perhaps, even, the type of person or couple that seeks out world class accommodations, experiences, and amenities. 

And then there’s a special set of luxury travel seekers best known as “Amanjunkies''. The cultivated loyalists live, work, and exist to experience each and every one of Aman's 35 hotels, resorts, and residence developments in 20 countries, often many times over. It is with bated breath that they eagerly await the unveiling of its next destination. For all intents and purposes, they wholeheartedly believe Aman to be unearthed perfection. Upon one’s first Aman experience, all others will have become effectively ruined. 

In order to adequately understand the essence of a hotel group which has amassed such a significant cult following, you would have to put aside any notion of it being just an ultra-luxury destination. It’s neither uncommon or unique in today's day and age to book a suite at a hotel with plush blankets and special touches. Where Aman soars is in its unrivaled personalization that extends beyond exceptional hospitality. 

The sanctuary collective, whose name is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’, strives to provide a level or service and experience that is peerless in every way. Aman makes no assumptions about who you are and what you like. Naturally, the foundations of luxury are built into each of the properties' exquisite groundings, but the experience manifests from their commitment and dedication to learning guests’ particular tastes and preferences. As though there could be a Ph.D. degree in you, they will study what paradise uniquely means on an individual basis, and in effect, understand each guest better than their mother or partner does (in only the best ways). 

There’s a great deal of commonality among Amanjunkies and discerning couples in pursuit of a flawless wedding day (or weekend). Each aligns their hopes and desires with an experience that is seamless, expressive, meaningful, and divine. They value luxury, intimacy, symbolism, and personalization. Ultimately, where every moment counts, an experience worth looking forward to should be exceptional in every way. Unsurprisingly, there’s a quiet subset of Amanjunkies that belongs to none other than couples planning their weddings and honeymoons.  

For the 2024 Spring/Summer Edition of Sophisticated Weddings (to be released in March 2024), Editor-in-Chief Samantha Sendor travels to Aman Venice and Amanjena in Marrakech, Morocco, to determine once and for all, whether Aman presents the pinnacle of paradise in travel and romance. Stay tuned!


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