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An Incredible Light

Once New York bride-to-be Melinda viewed herself in the Designer Loft mirror in [her] Aire Atelier Collection gown, she didn’t have to even look at any other dresses; “I tried on that dress first and was done looking! I loved it so much and knew it was my dream dress. [Designer Loft owner] Liz asked: ‘don’t you want to try on other dresses for your mom?’ So, I tried on two more for her- to make it an experience- but then I said: ‘OK, I still just want the first dress!’”

And so it was- Melinda had her dress. On August 29, 2020- 259 days from the day her fiancé, Chip, got down on one knee- Melinda found herself back in the exact same place of her intended’s proposal- the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Words like “postpone” were not uttered. No consideration of changing the location. A dream dress- check. A dream spot- check. A couple deeply in love- check, check. What more did they need?

In the closing days of a historic and (sorry) dark summer, Melinda & Chip found an incredible light- literally. The weather forecast that day called for downpours. However, following the couple’s I do’s, St. Patrick’s majestic doors opened onto a gloriously luminous Fifth Avenue.

With the sun beaming down and their family and close friends with them, Melinda & Chip took their first steps as a married pair.

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