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4 Reasons We’re Swooning for Sapphires

Like diamonds, sapphires are a timeless gem that will always be in style. They don’t just have a moment - they are the moment. From your something blue wedding day essentials to everyday wear pieces, here’s why these mighty rocks will have you swooning too:

1. They’re as durable as they are dazzling

If you’ve ever taken Earth Science in school, you’ve probably heard of Mohs scale of hardness, and know that diamond gets the highest score of 10 (but no judgment from this end if you snoozed through that class!). But did you know that sapphire (classified as a variety of the mineral corundum) ranks at 9 on the scale? This means it is fully stable under normal wearing conditions, as it is resistant to the effects of heat, light, and common chemicals. The only gemstone harder than a sapphire is a diamond, but this colorful stone is not one tough gem that ought to not be overlooked!

This London Collection platinum heart blue sapphire and diamond halo ring from London Jewelers features a center heart shape blue sapphire with a round blue sapphire halo set in black rhodium that has a round diamond halo and diamonds going around 3/4 of the split shank, set in platinum. This exquisite piece has a total diamond weight of 1.04cts, total heart blue sapphire weight of 2.63cts, and total round blue sapphire weight of 0.33cts. Swoon indeed!

2. The spectrum of vibrant colors are anything but boring

One of the things that makes sapphires so special is that they come in virtually every color, including blue, green, brown, violet, yellow, pink, purple, and orange. The only exception would be the red corundum variety, which is more commonly known as a ruby. 

We’re absolutely gushing over this London Collection 18k emerald cut sapphire and diamond bracelet, which sparkles in 18k rose gold and features alternating prong set emerald cut pink sapphires and diamonds. The total diamond weight on this beauty comes to 1.67cts, and a total sapphire weight of 6.38cts. But if your heart is set on embracing the sapphire rainbow, you may want to take a peek at these positively radiant rainbow sapphire and diamond hoop earrings from London Jewelers.

3. They’re giving us aristocratic vibes

Tell us you’re high society without telling us your high society. Easy – the sapphire speaks for itself. Even the most famous engagement ring in the world had a sapphire at the center, and it belonged to none other than Princess Diana (now worn by Princess Kate). Sapphires have a long history with members of royalty, celebrated for their rarity, beauty, and durability that fits the bill for kings and queens. They also served a dual-purpose – not only did the stone reputedly attract wealth, it was commonly believed that the stone protected its wearer from envy, rising the power to bring harmony between lovers, as well peace among adversaries. The use of sapphires in royal crowns and jewelry dating back centuries solidifies their connection with the noble elite.

You can find yourself among the imperial set with this London Collection heart blue sapphire round diamond and sapphire halo pendant necklace. The platinum necklace features a heart shaped blue sapphire with a halo of round blue sapphires set in black rhodium, and a halo of round diamonds along the outer perimeter.

Heart of the Ocean necklace

This regal piece has all the vibes of Kate Winslet’s Heart of the Ocean necklace in Titanic – except unlike the film version, which was a fictional blue diamond likely inspired by the Hope Diamond that once belonged to King Louis XIV, this baby is all real. The total diamond weight amounts to 0.38cts, the heart shaped sapphire at 2.03cts, and the round blue sapphire halo is 0.30cts in weight. The necklace’s length is also adjustable between 16-18”. Hold me, Jack.

4. Sapphires are symbolically linked with good feels

Depending on the type of sapphire you fancy, the stone holds a special set of symbolic associations. Pink sapphires are commonly associated with love, compassion, and gentleness, while blue sapphires traditionally symbolize nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. Many believe the yellow sapphire brings an abundance of prosperity and wisdom, and the brown sapphire has historically represented strength, resilience, and stability. In addition to being just plain gorgeous, you’d be hard pressed to find a connection to sapphires that isn’t positively glowing.

Hence it makes absolutely sense that brides would embrace the London Collection 18k rose gold pink sapphire and emerald cut diamond eternity band as a wedding band option. This 18k rose gold eternity band with emerald cut pink sapphires and a single emerald cut diamond might not make for the most conventional wedding ring, but who says diamonds should get all the fun? If you’re more of a traditional gal, well, there’s always your other hand, am I right? The total weight on the pink sapphires on this ring is 10.06cts, with a total diamond weight of 0.50cts.

The London Collection features tons of gorgeous sapphire and diamond pieces, perfect for your wedding day and more. Explore all the sparkling things London Jewelers has to offer – and you'll find yourself swooning too.


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