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  • Written By Stacy Moutafis of SM Fitness

How To Stay Fit On Your Honeymoon

Photo Credit: Atlantis Paradise Island

Photo Credit: Atlantis Paradise Island

Written By Stacy Moutafis of SM Fitness

During the summer, do you find yourself struggling with your fitness routine while traveling? How about traveling for your honeymoon? Here are some valuable tips to help you stay active and healthy while on the road.

Book Close To The Gym

One of the best fit travel tips to follow is to keep the gym close. When booking your room, request it near the hotel fitness center. Going to the gym may seem like an obvious way to stay healthy while traveling for your honeymoon –and it is- but many people do not think about how their room’s proximity to the gym is a key factor in actually making it there. As a personal trainer, I advise my clients to make this a priority because so many people go away on vacation and the gym is on the other side of the resort. The same applies for honeymoon travelers as well; they go on their honeymoon with the intent to make time to work out and lose their motivation when they realize their room is nowhere near the hotel fitness center.

Go To A Class

Some hotels offer workout classes at the fitness center. This is also a great way to stay in shape. Being in a group setting helps people stay motivated. When you want to achieve a specific task, having other people doing it with you is encouraging because you’ve all working toward the same goal.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bands)

Throwing in some workout equipment in your travel bag is another way to make sure you’ll be able to get a good workout during your honeymoon. I recommend resistance bands, anything you can deflate, such as a 10-ounce stability ball, and a yoga mat. Packing these lightweight items in your travel bag will not take up much space either. Plus, it is important to vary what kinds of workouts you do at your hotel.

Utilize Mobile Devices

We always have our laptops and smartphones whenever we travel, so download 30-minute workouts with stability balls or a yoga mat. This way, you can make use of the workout equipment you bring with you. By downloading various exercises, you are able to work different parts of your body, while keeping your workouts interesting.

Stay Active!

Go for walks with your new spouse. Hike, swim, play tennis. Motivate each other. And enjoy each other and your surroundings, wherever they may be.

Inquire About The Menu

Plan ahead. There is a website for the place you will be staying. Chances are, the restaurants are on the site, along with their menus. You can be aware of what is offered before you even arrive. Stay away from dressings and sauces filled with fat and sodium. When you are not cooking for yourself, it is important to make smart food selections while on your trip. It will definitely make a difference when it comes to your health. To take this a step further you should always ask for sauces on the side and try to avoid the bread basket. All of these small, but rewarding, decisions will ultimately affect your health for the better.

Pack Healthy Travel Snacks

There are plenty of snacks you can pack in order to avoid calling room service and indulging in sugary and fatty foods. Here’s a great list that you can refer to whenever you are preparing to travel:

  • Organic steel, plain cut oats (in packages): This snack is low on carbs and sugar. Plus, it is easy to make. You can heat the oats by simply using “hot water and coffee cups.”

  • Rice cakes: Packing plain, lightly salted rice cakes because they are low on carbs and won't go bad.

  • 100 calorie snack packs – almonds or walnuts: Bringing along low calorie packs with you is another healthy option. Besides the fact that they are low in calories and sodium, they are a “great energy source” as well. For frequent business travelers, this snack is essential as you will need to be energizing on your trip.

  • Protein powder: This is a “great protein source without all the sodium,” Stacy notes. And it is easy to prepare as she explains that all you have to do is “Just add cold water and bring your shaker!”

Look For The Fridge

Lastly, I recommend calling the hotel in advance to find out if there is a refrigerator in your room for storing your healthy snacks, meals and beverages.

Stacy Moutafis is a fitness and nutrition expert, training coach, speaker and author. She is certified by the International Sports Science Association as a fitness therapist, personal trainer, sports nutrition consultant, and New York State Strength & Conditioning Coach. Visit to learn about how SM Fitness is an asset to achieving your fitness goals.

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