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When contemplating a location to shoot the 2013 cover for Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, we envisioned a venue that was truly exquisite in every regard. Gotham Hall was a natural selection, as this unique and dramatic venue is as distinctive as it is remarkable. A draw for many engaged couples to Gotham Hall is the seamless execution and event management it provides. The lock-in is often the romantic notion that one’s love story and wedding could join the rich foundational history for which Gotham Hall was built upon.

Originally constructed between 1922 and 1924 as The Greenwich Savings Bank, the building currently known and admired as Gotham Hall was built to serve as the bank’s headquarters with a prominent midtown address. Featuring an architectural design by York and Sawyer, the intersection of 36th Street and 6th Avenue was met with one of the most impressive spaces Manhattan has ever seen. The interior boasts Corinthian columns, granite walls, marble flooring, inscriptions and antique attributes symbolizing wisdom and commerce, and a domed ceiling with a 3,000 square foot stained glass skylight. Surviving decades and generations in American history, by 2000 this historical landmark transitioned into the most prestigious place to host a sophisticated affair.

Uncompromising in its luxury, timeless charm, and infinite exquisite details, this seven-story ballroom offers more versatility than one would expect from a traditional ballroom of this magnitude. Gotham Hall offers many perspectives to its inhabitants, from the Mezzanine overlooking the Grand Ballroom, to the Oak Room and Lounge. Guests find themselves discovering another world, as they are met with the finest hospitality in the industry and an unrivaled culinary standard. Steadily earning a reputation for being one of the most sought-after venues in New York City, Gotham Hall has assumed its rightful place as the source for a sophisticated affair.

To learn more about weddings at Gotham Hall, be sure to visit the Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition website, and pick up a copy of the magazine on newsstands, or purchase online with free shipping.

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