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Socks & Sandwiches

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Many Americans are debating whether or not they should have a family gathering this holiday season. Who wouldn’t want to have a traditional holiday gathering right now? After 20 months of doom and gloom, and a news cycle that often has us sinking into hopelessness and/or division, everyone is looking for a brief return to normalcy- to be with loved ones and eat until our pants (or wedding dresses) don’t fit.

Some rely on the holidays as that one time of year to see family who are far away- important people in our lives that we wait 12 months to hug and be near. And if there’s one thing these times of despair have shown us, nothing is more important than family. This is something on which we can all agree.

Let’s take a leap here… if you are reading this, odds are you have a WiFi connection and a smart phone, or tablet or computer. And, if you have that, chances are you’re better off than some others. You may have been furloughed last year, or lost your business- and that is beyond tragic. Within the context of your life- the life you and your family have to live- there is little worse. No one can argue that.

However, there are plenty of others that have a very different context. There are people temporarily housed in places like The Lucerne on the Upper West Side, or The Radisson downtown in FiDi. They’re homeless. The city placed them there because the pandemic has seen the shelters overflowing.

For many, the word “homeless” conjures images of a broken man, bent over, strung out, looking twice his age, unable to walk a straight line. The reality is that many of those people that were moved and placed, only to be moved and placed again amid protests from residents groups, are families. People with children. Who cares why they’re there? They’re there. And- again, taking a leap- they’re worse off than you.

Today Sophisticated Weddings is going to take a break from giving advice on a cozy wedding vs. a ballroom wedding, or one designer’s dress that’s perfect for you, and suggest something else. This holiday season, perhaps we can put that focus on giving. Nothing radical. Nothing that would endanger [your] physical health or promote the spread of Covid.

One of the things homeless people need above anything else are socks. Get on Amazon or run over to a dollar store. Buy up a couple packages of a dozen pairs of warm socks and a few boxes of cereal bars. Try to get the bars with little to no sugar and no nuts. Or maybe instead of the bars get some bread and jam or cheese. Get little bottles of hand sanitizer, too, if you can find them. Then make bags containing a pair of socks, a sandwich or cereal bar, and hand sanitizer. Clear plastic baggies are better so the contents can be seen.

On Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day- or any day- mask up, get on your gloves, and walk a few blocks, giving out the bags to those in need. You’ll be saving lives. Keep a few of those bags on you all the time- give them out when you see someone who could use one.

It won’t cost you much. The real investment is your time. But- we promise- the payback will be huge.