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Picture This!

See yourself in your coffee!

Cupa Cabana is a gourmet coffee [bar] caterer for private events in the New York area. The same way your decor designer makes sure your venue looks beautiful, and your caterer (or venue) makes sure the food served to your guests is fantastic, Cupa Cabana ensures that the coffee your family and friends drink at your wedding is the best they've ever had.

Now, Cupa Cabana brings something more. Your face!

Building on the old culinary adage of: you eat first with your eyes, Cupa Cabana is dazzling caffeine aficionados by serving a cup of coffee with the drinker's face staring right back. The coffee caterer calls it Latte Foam Art. The foam atop the beverage can feature a selfie, or the bride and groom's names or monogram, or pretty much anything!


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