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Let Them Eat Cake

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The NYBFW Runway Presentation Of The Latest Couture

Collection By Pnina Tornai For Kleinfeld Was Capped

Off With A Slice Into 6’ Of Sugary Magnificence

Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes created a cake for our magazine's 2021 Edition cover (pictured right - with Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov of "Dancing With The Stars"). More specifically, Vincenzo created a cake inspired by the Pnina Tornai dress Daniella wore in the cover photo. So as Pnina's New York Bridal Fashion Week runway presentation of her latest collection for Kleinfeld approached last month, the choice of which cake artist to ask to design a new cake was simple... we went back to Vincent!

This was a huge task for Vincent. Of course, this cake was going to be seen by a tremendous audience- not only the 400+ guests in attendance at Capitale for Pnina's runway presentation, but also the millions seeing the cake on social media. And this time Vincent did not have the luxury of seeing the dress in advance.

All we had to show for inspiration and a visual guidance was a photo of a piece of the lace Pnina had created for some of the dresses in the new collection. Somehow, that was enough. At least, it was enough for Vincent! Because with only the photo [at left] to work from, Vincent was still able to design and create a 6' sugary masterpiece.

The cake was tucked off to the side in Capitale's ballroom before the runway show. However, the monument of a cake was noticed by guests, nonetheless. They gravitated towards it, marveled at it, and pulled out their iPhones and photographed it.

Following the finale of the fashion show, with Pnina and her models still out on the runway, Vincent and the team from Capitale brought the cake out in front of the crowd and the press, and handed the famed designer a monogrammed sword for her cake cutting ceremony (photos and video below).

Once all the fashion and ceremony was completed, guests remained in Capitale's ballroom. Most danced to the energetic sounds played by the evening's band- Soulsystem Orchestras. But many lingered on the runway to get their selfies with Vincent's sculpted ode to Pnina's new collection as their backdrop.

(left: famed bridal designer Pnina Tornai with cake artist Vincenzo Salvatore.

right: newlywed and 2022 "Sophisticated Weddings" cover bride Brylee Ivers)

With NYBFW and the Capitale event in our rear view mirrors, Kleinfeld serves as home to both the cake and Pnina's collection. The Vincenzo Salvatore masterpiece is on display in the bridal salon's lobby for all to see, where all of designer's brides can take their sweet selfies... a few may even be lucky enough to get Pnina in the photo with them when she returns to New York this month for her trunk show!

photos by: Andy Nasta

The event's vendors included:

runway & backdrop: Royal Backdrops

dance floor: New Image Dance Floor

custom 6’ cake: Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes

cookie lounge: Blow Your Mind Bakery

coffee bar: Cupa Cabana

photo booth: Shake And Share Media

furniture & bars: Glam Party Rentals

glasses: Fortessa

beauty: Beautini

VIP Pre-Party: The Wall Street Hotel

transportation: M&V Limo


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