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Have Some FUN With Your Wedding Photos

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

In putting together the photo shoot for our feature, "JAMIE & MICHAEL", with newlyweds Jamie Gray Hyder, of "Law & Order: SVU", and Michael Trotter from the Disney+ series, "The Right Stuff", we aimed to give just a few slightly off the beaten path ideas to couples planning their weddings. One thing we suggested was that couples infuse some fun to their wedding photos. It wasn't at all hard with Jamie & Michael- this pair loves to laugh together.

The photo above is an excerpt from the feature. Jamie is in a somewhat traditional (but currently trendy- the sleeves) wedding gown, custom made by Bridal Studio NY. And Michael is in a custom green suit made from a bamboo fabric by Alton Lane. And then for the element of fun and different, we’ve got them playing croquet.

By the way, though it was his first time playing croquet, we found out during this photo shoot that Michael was pretty good!


photographed by: Aly Kuler

makeup & hair: BridalGal


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