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Have you heard about Shinola watches yet? You may not have. The brand is still relatively new. Still, the watches have already been seen on the wrists of celebrities, politicians, and prominent figures, from Jennifer Aniston, to Ashley Olsen, to former president Barack Obama, to Neil Young, to Jeb Bush! In fact, at last count, former president Bill Clinton reportedly owns more than a dozen Shinola watches.

The look of Shinola watches combines 1950's Americana with boho-chic and a dash of bold elegance, to create a stylish high-end timepiece that works as both a casual and dressy accessory. But there's also a wonderful story behind Shinola. The watches are manufactured right here in the United States- Detroit, in fact!

Shinola has a lot of different lines and styles- both for men and woman. The Cass 28mm, pictured, is a favorite of ours this year as a gift for the lady (or bride) in your life. Women love the double wrap around band.

Shinola is carried by Maddaloni Jewelers at their store in Huntington on Long Island. Or go to:


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