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Bring This Special Treat This Holiday Season

You can't show up to Thanksgiving dinner, or a holiday

party or get-together empty-handed. We have a suggestion

for something to bring that will get everyone excited.

You don't want to bring flowers. Someone else will already be doing that. What if they arrive first? ...and their bouquet is bigger? Chocolates, cakes, pies... they're fine. But they've all been done.

We have a suggestion that is sure to delight and bring cheers from all the other guests at your Thanksgiving table or holiday party. Macarons. But not just any macarons. Ladurée.

The truth is, in the New York area, Ladurée is synonymous with macarons. And this equivalency is well-earned. As any lover of macarons knows, these meringue cookies are delicate! Each one is a little work of [sweet] art. They are delicious, colorful, gluten free, and- dare we say- just a little sexy.

These are also great as gifts. Ladurée has several different sized special gift boxes that can be used as presents- big and small- stocking stuffers, third night of Hanukkah, etc., or party favors at each place setting at your table.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!!


photography: Megan Taylor

makeup & hair: BridaGal

"bride": Maxine Hoover


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