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Blue Impact

As ecotourism, conservationism, and sustainable initiatives rise to the

forefront of travelers’ global priorities, Atlantis has long led

the environmental movement with blue tourism.

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Paradise Island
Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Paradise Island

At the mere mention of Atlantis, Paradise Island, many elements come to mind. Pristine beaches. Luxury cabanas. Swanky suites. Wildlife… conservation? There’s a quiet truth at the Bahamian resort that extends a seemingly endless array of invigorating opportunities for a relaxing holiday. Vacationers have long been doing more than they realize to protect the earth at Atlantis, and it’s time this secret be uncovered.

More than ever before, travelers, in particular couples planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, are seeking more than just an experience gained with their tourism dollars; they’re looking for impact that contributes to global enrichment. Blend the two, and suddenly a trip to remember holds greater meaning. Gone are the days of the ignorant tourist. Jetsetters want to feel informed, get involved, and put their money where their mouth is. Why that is so, is a rather simple concept: because it feels good.

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Paradise Island