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10 Reasons To Marry Your Best Friend

Should you marry your best friend? That question's been the topic of countless rom-coms. But beyond the big screen, some scientists are now pointing to evidence that says marrying your best friend is something you might want to consider saying "I do" to.

A paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which controlled for pre-marriage happiness levels, found that married people are both happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who remain single. And the satisfaction the reportedly lasted for decades, not fading away after the "honeymoon" period.

One reason the study gives for why marriages remain so satisfying, is the role of friendship. The study found that the "well-being effects of marriage are about twice as large for those whose spouse is also their best friend."

With this in mind, we give 10 great reasons to marry your best friend.

1) Who Knows You Better Than Your Best Friend? Your best friend already knows you to your core. And, what is more, they adore you just as you are. This should be on top of your list of pros – they know you!

2) You Can Be Yourself With Your Best Friend. You don’t have to perform or be a fake yourself when you are with your best friend. They know you in and out. And that is the best part of this relationship!

3) You And Your Best Friend Know How To Have Fun Together. One of the most fun facts about best friends is that they know how to enjoy their time together. Since friends know each other well, they share values and interests, and know how to communicate all their thoughts. They also know how to have fun, which is one of the most important, although often disregarded, aspects of every successful marriage.

4) They Will Be Your Support Forever! If you marry your best friend, you can always rely on them to be your perpetual support. They would already know how to handle your lows and bring you back to your best self. And, you too would do the same for them.

5) No One Makes You Laugh Like Your Best Friend. Best friends are ‘best’ because they are wonderful in every way. Nobody can make you laugh as they do. Life will be full of unadulterated joys and laughter if you say the vows with your best friend.

6) You Don't Have To Concern Yourself With Looking Your Best. Of course, everyone appreciates good looks and well-dressed people. But, your best friend has chosen to be by your side even after seeing you on your messiest hair day and when you have dressed your worst. So, you really don’t have to worry about always looking attractive to make sure they don’t get swayed away. Your best friend will make you feel special even when you don’t look your best!

7) They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself. There might be times when you feel helpless or dismayed for no discernible reason. Even if you try hard, sometimes you can’t fathom why, or what, is upsetting you so much. But, when you have your best friend around, you don’t have to worry a bit. You might miss out on certain aspects of your own personality, but they won’t. They would definitely know what and why something is bothering you. They are even likely to know the best way to help you out. And, in case they don’t know, they will make sure that they do everything possible to make you feel alright.

8) You Are Perfectly Happy Doing Nothing Together. We call this the "What's On NetFlix?" reason). When you are in the company of your best friend, you do not have to always indulge in some activity to entertain them or yourself. You can be totally happy and perfectly at piece even doing nothing. Usually, the comfort level is so much that only their presence matters.

9) You Can Spare Yourself The Surprises. Since you know your best friend so well, you know the good as well the bad. So, you definitely won’t be facing any nasty surprises later in your life. You don’t have to worry about your as well as their exes. Also, even if there are any other issues, you two would already know how to tackle them in the best possible way.

10) The Transition To Married Life Will Be So Much Easier. You would not only already know them, but you also know their family very well. Apart from the legal aspect, everything is likely to be very much the same as before marriage.

...but then come the kids!!!


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