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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With An Autumn In New York Wedding

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

There's something about autumn in New York... that crisp air, turning of the leaves, earth tone hues... it's simply a magical time in the northeast. If you've had your heart set on a wedding by any other season, here are the reasons you should think again:

1. The Foliage Will Be Your Bonus Florist and Set Designer

The golden tones of autumn will complement your gown and the sunlight glow cast upon your silhouette. The photographic potential during autumn is so ethereal and dreamy, it's almost as if the elements were placed there by design.

2. The Weather is Dependable and Predictable

Photo Credit: Brett Matthews Gallery

They say you can't predict the weather, but if rain on your wedding day isn't a welcoming thought, September and October tend to be the driest months in New York. The weather is comfortable and agreeable, humidity has dropped, and the concern for sweating isn't a factor for you or your guests.

3. Sunsets are Vivid and Earlier in the Day

Photo Credit: Fade to Black New York

In the fall, weather patterns usually result in a clearer lower atmosphere, creating a better chance for a vivid sunset. In September, you'll see the sunset sometime after 7pm, getting earlier as the season progresses. This invites opportunity for glowing photographs before an evening ceremony or reception.

4. The Elements Bring Drama (in a Good Way)

Photo Credit: Aly Kuler Photography

The delicate crisp breeze and dancing leaves that surround you enhance the dramatic beauty of the landscape. You're sure to get irresistible captures quicker than you can say pumpkin spice latte.

5. It's a Reason to Wear Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are a timeless style for gowns, but they may not be what you need in the warmer summer months. In autumn, you will have far more options for fashionable layers with long sleeve gowns and exquisite capes. (And yes, we know Château Grande Hotel is not technically in New York, but the same applies over in East Brunswick, NJ!)


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