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Over the last few years, more and more, we are seeing grooms walking down the wedding aisle wearing a suit instead of a tuxedo. We also see a good portion of the men going with blue tux instead of traditional black. Here's another option: texture.

photo: Chris Lippolt for Brett Matthews Gallery

Above is an excerpt from our 2021 cover feature, "Ain't Love GRANDE", with "Dancing With The Stars" pros Pasha Pashkov and, wife, Daniella Karagach.

In the photo Pasha is wearing a gorgeous sparkling blue tuxedo jacket by custom men's clothier Alton Lane.

Here's another excerpt from the same feature (below). In this one with Pasha is seen wearing a purple velvet tuxedo jacket, also by Alton Lane:

photo: Chris Lippolt for Brett Matthews Gallery

The next photo (belwo) is one of the unused images from our 2019 cover feature, "An Arresting Match", with David Lim, star of the hit primetime series "S.W.A.T." on CBS.

In the photo David is wearing a tuxedo jacket by Alton Lane that has a subtle pattern made up from two shades of blue over black. It gives the jacket a textured look and something different from the norm. Just a bit flashy and bold without going too far to the flamboyant side.

photo: Chris Lippolt for Brett Matthews Gallery

Below is another example of some texture - this time, even more subtle. For our 2019 feature "Head Over Heels", photographed at The Pierre with "Dancing With The Stars" (then) newlyweds Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson, we brought in men's custom clothier Raftis Bespoke for the tuxedos. In the image below, the fabric of the dark blue tuxedo is thick and lush, with a pin-dot texture. Again, the subtly creates a feel of opulence rather than flamboyance.

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