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"Our Wedding Cake Was A Work Of Art"

The 2019 "Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition" will be on sale (in stores and on Amazon) in just a few days. Here's an excerpt from the 2019 feature: "....inspired."

Bride Jennifer wanted a WOW! cake with sugar flowers matching her bouquet, and piped pearl dots. My Daughter’s Cakes baker/artist/owner Denise Smith suggested that an all white cake would pop amongst the greenery of the venue. Denise dreamed up a cake with lots of sugar dendrobiums cascading from the top down. Jennifer loved the idea and asked to up to the ante with a base of sugar flowers. Next came the random falling piped pearls, with the final touch being a pale silver sparkle “silk duponi” texture to the large, middle tier (and spacer to break up the dots).

Since it was a brunch wedding, the main flavor was French Toast with White Chocolate Cream Cheese and Maple drizzle. Their secondary flavors were: Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mocha Buttercream, Homemade torched marshmallow creme and graham cracker toffee, Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla cake with Dulce de Leche buttercream and layer of Dulce de Leche.

Says the bride: “Not only was our wedding cake incredibly flavorful, but it was truly a piece of art. [Denise] made our entire experience nothing short of amazing.

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