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Take This Wedding To The BANK!

Lauren & David Didn't Want A Typical Ballroom Wedding...

...Planner Björn VW Helped Them Out With Something Different.

For their January 2018 wedding, Lauren and David did not want a traditional ballroom. They wanted something cool and different. So their planner, Björn VW (of Björn & Company Event Planning & Design) helped them find Weylin in Williamsburg. The converted bank built 140 years ago made for a spectacular venue with a gorgeous atmosphere. The wedding really was a reflection of who they are- fun, trendy, upbeat, stylish, and gorgeous. The most important thing was that they were surround by LOVE.

When David first saw Lauren, his jaw dropped. And from there, the wedding was nothing but smiles and dancing!

...and more smiles!

...and more dancing!

...and a social media celebrity!

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