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A Cake For A Royal Wedding... No- Not That Royal Wedding!

The Burden Kahn Mansions have a rich history dating back to an era in New York when the über wealthy lived like royalty... and built homes- mansions- befitting kings.

This upper east side venue features a winding, marble, three story spiral staircase with a deep red velvet banister...

...and an incredible Tiffany stained glass domed skylight above it. The marbled ballroom has polished herringbone parquet and a stunning fireplace as a centerpiece. Cherubs fly above within the dramatic Baroque ceiling, and gold leaf is everywhere.

So, for their cake at their Burden Kahn wedding, Mai and Jason sought out the great Ron Ben-Israel to create something befitting of their regal venue.

Says Ron: "the gold icing embellishments which we added to the cake’s surfaces, were inspired by the Mansion's period gilded architectural details. The monogram was designed by us after the typeface of the invitation, and the sugar flowers on the the top matched the fresh blossoms within the ballroom's floral design."

*BONUS PHOTOS... The cover and main feature of the 2016 Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition was photographed at The Burden Kahn Mansions by Brett Matthews Photography, and featured a recently married (at the time) Vanessa Ray, of the hit CBS series "Blue Bloods."

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