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Love And Laughter At A Rainbow Room Wedding

Tears of joy and laughter consumed the atmosphere of Casey and Michael's Rainbow Room wedding this past June. The bride, with her wedding planner, Amy Katz of Amy Katz Events, ensured that every detail of the wedding day was met with precision and perfection. "Casey put so much thought and time into every single aspect of the planning of her wedding day," Amy Katz revealed to us. "Casey truly wanted all of her guests to have the time of their lives, enjoy every single moment of her wedding, and to remember her special day. This wedding was a work of love, created by Casey's mother and father who were with her every step of the planning process, holding her hand and doing everything they could to make her vision a reality and to see her beautiful smile."

While the setting was staged for an enchanted occasion, what really contributed to the magic was the love that the couple share. "We are constantly laughing. I don't mean a giggle-- I mean laughing to the point where your mouth hurts and you have to walk away. We had been together almost nine years before we got married, and we have laughed our way through those years," says the bride of her relationship with Michael.

A favorite moment from the wedding day? "The best part of the wedding was when Michael "stopped" our ceremony midway. The sun was directly in Michael's face and I could tell he was over heating. He was mumbling how he was going to faint, and I could sense guests thought something was going on, but unsure of what. Michael was whispering to me how he knew "I lowered the air" blaming my mother and I (since we are always cold). I was trying my hardest to hold in my laugh, praying my veil would hide my smirk, as I was watching my soon-to-be husband struggle to stand. As the rabbi was in the middle of the seven blessings, Michael was dripping of sweat, bright red. And then he did it... he abruptly interrupted the rabbi and called a "time out". Yes, he even made a 'T' with his hands, asking for water and a towel. Everyone laughed and clapped. It brought such light and laughter to the room during such an emotional time and truly made the ceremony feel like 'us'," Casey recalls.

"Casey and Michael's love is shown through their sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other. It was truly an honor and pleasure working with them on this momentous celebration at the iconic Rainbow Room in New York City," says Amy Katz.


Venue: The Rainbow Room

Photos: Jason Walker for the Day. (formerly Ira Lippke Studios)

Bride's Dress (#1): Berta from L'Fay

Bride's Dress (#2): Diane Von Furstenberg

Tuxedo: Saint Laurent

Entertainment: Marianne Bennett Orchestra for Element Music

Floral & Décor Design: Stefan Event Décor

Invitations: Fancy That NYC

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