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7 Ways You Must Experience Brussels + Last Chance To Win The Trip Of A Lifetime!

With just one day left to enter our #BrusselsHoneymoon sweepstakes proudly sponsored by Brussels Airlines and the Warwick Brussels Hotel, we're celebrating this exciting occasion with 7 Ways You Must Experience Brussels! Don't forget to enter- the sweepstakes closes to entries on November 28, 2016 at 11:59PM EST!

7. Grand Place Market

Located in the central city square, Grand Place Market is among the most memorable landmarks in all of Brussels. Adorned with opulent architecture from three different eras, travelers from all over the world are drawn to the site which is surrounded by shops, cafes, and many tourist attractions.

6. Belgian Waffles

Cuisine is an obvious draw to Belgium, but the waffles in particular make Brussels a sensational destination. Take a tip from the locals-- try both the Belgium waffles (light and delicious) and the liege waffles (sweet and dense), and be sure to try them with nothing more than a light sugar dusting. Although waffles are offered with an array of sweet toppings from strawberries to chocolate, residents and tourists agree that the waffles are so superb, no toppings are even necessary.

5. Mannekin Pis

You may be wondering what the fascination is surrounding the naked little boy who is, well, relieving himself into a fountain. Mannekin Pis (pronounced just like you think), has become an attraction that draws in travelers from all over the world. With many legends surrounding its symbolism and existence, he is considered a source of luck to many. One thing is for sure- for a naked statue, Mannekin Pis has heck of a wardrobe at more than 900 outfits. Capturing the playful and rebellious spirit of Brussels, this is one statue that is not to be missed.

4. Belgian Beer Tastings

Belgium is known for being the source of the world's finest beers, so it is only natural to indulge oneself in a beer flight, or better yet, a brewery tour. Labels such as Duvel, Chimay, Hoegaarden, and Stella Artois all hail from Belgium, but be sure to explore outside the beer box with some of the lesser-known local beers to get a truly rounded local experience.

3. Chocolate & Truffles

Belgium is a country that takes its chocolate seriously, so prepare to get hooked. The procedure and quality is authentic, and chocolate enthusiasts relish in the otherworldly treats that make them uniquely Belgian. While there, be sure to take in a workshop with Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier for a sweet and rich taste of Belgium's chocolate history.

2. Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds

A mere 45 minute drive from Brussels is the world's diamond capital in Antwerp. The city's diamond district sees roughly 85% of the world's uncut diamonds at one point of another, making the destination deserving of its title. Whether you have been to Belgium yet or not, it is most likely that your rock has already been.

1. Fly With Brussels Airlines

Operating flights to over 90 destinations in Europe, North America, and Africa, Brussels Airlines has steadily become one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. With regular direct service between New York and Brussels, the airline reliably serves as the gateway to all European travel, and they do so in style. Extending four classes of travel to its passengers, they offer a custom experience uncommonly seen in most airlines. A host of Michelin Star chefs utilize fresh and regionally sourced ingredients for their inventive cuisine. Award winning wine lists enhance the experience, and the extensive beer menu includes a wide variety of popular favorites like Stella Artois to regional specialty beers. Business Class accommodations are supremely lush, with comprehensive conveniences that include full horizontal recline seating among other elite amenities. After all, it's not all about the destination, but the journey too.

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