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Tried And True: 9 Products To Capture A Summer Glow And Get Your Healthiest Skin Yet

Summer is here at last, and we are so excited to break out our favorite season's shades and beachy hues! One thing is for sure no matter the season-- beautiful, healthy skin is an absolute essential for achieving one's best look. We know that for brides especially, getting a radiant, natural looking summer glow is the dream. To get you on the right track with your skincare regime, we began our search for the best. Tried and true- we found what works, what doesn't, what's eh, and what we cannot live without so that you can capture your summer glow and get your healthiest skin yet.


First things first. Great skin from head to toe begins with clean skin. Seems obvious, right? It's not just a soap and water routine. Exfoliation is more than a fancy word tossed around at the spa. It's easy to do at home, and truth be told- it's necessary. With a simple exfoliating glove, you can rid yourself of built up dead skin, as well dirt and oils that are clogging your pores. We love the Kae Exfoliating Hammam Glove ($16). When you use it, it feels like you're scratching the itch you didn't know you had. Many even swear that its regular use is great for combating cellulite. If you're a person that needs proof- try exfoliating your skin with this glove in the bath. We guarantee you it will be the grossest, most impressive thing you've seen in a while.


Remember when you were a little kid and somebody had a spa-themed birthday party? There were mud masks that horrified the birthday girl's brothers, cucumbers that stayed on no one's eyes, and plush matching robes to sit around in as you watched movies? As it turns out, there's some validity and purpose to those mud masks (beyond horrifying the men in our lives). Using a Dead Sea Mud Mask like this one ($14.95) 1-2 times per week is not only an investment in the overall enhancement of your skin's quality in the long run, it also provides immediate results you can feel. Especially for women who wear make-up on the daily, a mud mask in the evening is a refreshing break from the day's build up. Skin tends to feel as though it can finally "breathe" after use, and we have found that it provides excellent relief from acne, blackheads, and visible pores.


By now we've all heard about Korean skincare products that have blazed the beauty scene. Innovative use of ingredients in beauty products is not just limited to one area of Asia. Rice has been used to cleanse and perfect skin for generations in China. We've found a skin brightening product that we feel does just that in just one use. The WEI Beauty Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask ($12) is a single use tube that delivers the promise of radiance in just ten minutes. The restorative sheet is thoroughly soaked in essential enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients that nourish the skin. Amino acids and flavonoids from Chinese licorice work to improve the skin's clarity while strengthening its resilience. All we know is, it was relaxing to wear, and our skin looked significantly brighter after just one use.


Possibly one of the greatest skincare products we have ever come across, Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79) is well worth the price tag. With this magic in a bottle, a little goes a long way to reduce the appearance of redness, dark spots, and tone issues. After years of trying out various products that claim to fade redness and dark spots, we've become fatigued by the prospect. That is, until now. Use a drop of this lightweight and oil-free formula on a clean face in the morning and at night, and notice results in just one week. We found our skin tone has never looked more even and clear. Armed with a product this effective, it almost makes us want to go foundation-free.


Everyone needs a great moisturizer that tackles dull skin, and MAC has just the quick fix. Infused with a mega-dose of nutrients and green tea, MAC Strobe Cream ($33) brightens and clarifies as it softens and hydrates tired skin. Best of all, this little gem has our universal seal of approval for varying skin types. Its anti-acnegenic properties has shown an overwhelmingly favorable response for all skin conditions, eliminating cause for concern over a break out before the big day.


A beautifully made up face with lasting power always begins with a killer primer. Easy (and dare we say refreshing!) to use with just a casual spritz, SKINDINAVIA The Makeup Primer Spray ($35) delivers a virtually poreless and even-toned complexion, creating the perfect canvas to lay makeup on. The silicone-free formula creates a light, breathable barrier between skin and makeup, enhancing one's beauty that much more.


Sheer, lightweight, and luminous, MAC is back again with their MAC Mineralize Blush ($27) that puts all others to rest. For coverage that isn't too heavy (with glowing skin, why layer it on too thick?), you hold all of the control with this buildable mineral complex. This blush is the perfect additive to enhance your natural glow, without looking caked on or artificial.


A soothing mist throughout the day can do wonders. Arcona Lavender Hydrasol ($40) was meant for brides to be. Scientifically shown to relax and reduce tension and anxiety, calming both the mind and body, organic lavender extract is one for the spirit. We believe that healthy skin can largely be attributed to the state of mind, and anything that gives us a moment of tranquility can help us put our best face forward. The most important part of any beauty regime is rest and relaxation, and the same goes for brides planning their big day! This product by Arcona did so much more than deliver a happy mist a few times a day; it left our skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and glowing.


Completing a fully made up face without locking it in with a quality finishing spray is like leaving the windows to your home open during a hurricane. Why would you want to subject all of your work and beauty to harsh external conditions? SKINDINAVIA The Makeup Finishing Spray ($29) holds it together better than any other formula we've seen. It's no wonder the product is targeted to brides specifially; with 16 hour coverage, makeup stays put. Kiss-proof, cry-proof, and sweat-proof, this baby allows you to push the limits, and get the most out of your cosmetics. Reducing the need for touch ups or blotting, this one keeps makeup looking flawless, and far from the forefront of your mind.

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